The Nuclear Model

Ontario is budgeting $33 billion for new nuclear plants, but on average Ontario’s actual nuclear projects have been 2.5 times the budget. No nuclear project in Ontario has ever come close to being completed on budget. Much of the technology being proposed for Ontario, such as the new CANDU, doesn’t even exist yet – it is just plans on paper (or in a computer).

The last time Ontario took a chance on a paper reactor – the Maple reactor that was supposed to produce radioactive isotopes for medical use — the units turned out to be unsafe to operate once built.

The need for ever more stringent safety and security standards in a post 9/11 world means higher and higher costs for dangerous nuclear plants. You don’t have to guard a wind turbine 24/7 against terrorist attacks or sabotage.

Just think what we could achieve if we put $83 billion [$33 billion x 2.5] into efficiency programs, high-efficiency combined heat and power generation and clean renewable energy.