The efficiency advantage

Ontario residents are some of the biggest power users on the planet. We use more electricity per person than any country in Western Europe and more than many Americans. And it’s not because our country is colder or darker (try giving the very efficient Norwegians that excuse).


Here’s an example of how far Ontario lags behind just some of our peers:


Per capita electricity usage

That’s us in the orange. The ones who use one-and-a-half times the electricity per person as their neighbours in New York State.

This kind of “all you can eat” electricity consumption may have been ok when we didn’t understand the environmental and climate impacts of electricity generation, but it doesn’t cut it today.

And it is not good for our economy either. Wasteful energy use equals higher costs and lower productivity, a good recipe for economic stagnation. In fact, Ontario’s level of “electricity productivity” — the amount of electricity we use to produce a single dollar’s worth of goods — is at the bottom of our North American peer group (16 largest States and Provinces.)